[AktiviX] event proposal

Alan Dawson aland at burngreave.net
Tue Jun 22 22:47:47 UTC 2004

Quoting max <max at tofubandits.org.uk>:

> mmm... lets see - wiki could have been useful when building the timetable, 
> putting info materials for the workshops on the web (before and after 
> weekend)... so perhaps, perhaps ;-)

ok.. wiki engines then

There has been a mention of moinmoin and media wiki..  I've seen tikiwiki -  but
never used it.  Things like rss / rdf export are useful, and I've read that
tikiwiki does them.  I've been told that mediawiki does that, also chrisc does
mediawiki, so I think he's setting one up at http://wiki.aktivix.org 

Strong opinions anybody ?

> > d) moving to a next generation network provider, and build some  cool p2p
> > heavy encrypted overlay network lightweight application, which will carry
> > information pollen anonymously and securely wherever we go.
> or provide anonymous internet access/proxying. we talked about it aktivix,
> and 
> the conditions haven't been right to sort it out here in lancaster. perhaps 
> this is what we've been waiting for?

security, encryption and identity are important, perhaps a workshop at the

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