Wiki, was: Re: [AktiviX] event proposal

cc at cc at
Wed Jun 23 16:32:05 UTC 2004


On Wed 23-Jun-2004 at 01:56:20PM +0100, mp wrote:
> An opinion could be: if it is up, it is up. If it is
> being discussed it is not up. The particular flavour of
> an XYZ-WIKI is not as important as the person with the
> skills, time, and energy to set it up.

Um, yes something like that!

Well installing the site took no time at all, trying to
get the mod_rewrite rules sorted so that there are nice
URIs has taken far too long... :-/

The site is (kinda) up now, with a http and a https


- Logo - there is a nice one here:

  Could anyone do a png version with a transparent
  background and the same width as this?

- Create a TODO page on the wiki site and list all the
  other stuff that needs doing there :-)


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