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Tue Jun 29 09:47:50 UTC 2004


On Tue 29-Jun-2004 at 09:36:44AM +0100, Charlie Harvey wrote:

Cheers for that, I have added it here:

Max had already done an enhanced version with a darker
green background and that is the one the wiki is currently

Free free to add other graphics to the wiki :-)

One thing that should be sorted sooner rather than later
is the license, by default MediaWiki uses the GFDL, I was
thinking about changing it to the Creative
CommonsAttribution-ShareAlike 2.0 [1] or another
alternative is to public domain everything like the
InfoAnarchy wiki [2] -- any strong views on this?

This discussion can also take place on the wiki itself:

Also so far all the AktiviX specific stuff on the wiki has
been put into the AktiviX namespace (all atricle addresses
start with AktiviX:) with the idea that this would allow
the wiki to also be used as a general resource -- does
this make sense? Again this is also on the wiki:




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