[AktiviX] how to get started?

max max at tofubandits.org.uk
Wed Jun 30 11:34:10 UTC 2004

In the interests of kicking of a discussion on how to do aktivix, i've put 
this on https://wiki.aktivix.org/AktiviX:AktiviX_II

so please go there and have a quick suggestion/rant...


a thought: we need to get started on this. Last time advertising started in 
April. This time there are (hopefully) a lot more ppl that can help out with 
sorting stuff out, but i reckon we still need to work out the basics - will 
it be like last time, ie for everyone, geeks welcome, but aimed mainly at 
introducing linux and free software to activsists. 

once we have the basic idea agreed upon, we can start making advertising 
material and blurb... 

so: do you want it to stay as an intro weekend for activists, or something 
more/less/different? answers below! 



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