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> From: Dearden, Andrew M <A.M.Dearden at shu.ac.uk>

> If people want to get involved with CARMEN, let me know. I know the people at Sheffield City Council who are involved.
> Andy
> Andy Dearden
> Communications & Computing Research Centre
> Sheffield Hallam University
> Sheffield
> S1 1WB
> Tel: 0114 225 2916
> email: a.m.dearden at shu.ac.uk 
> Thought folks might be interested in this in E-Government Bulletin, 
> Issue 199 (14 November 05)?
> /yuwei
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> Open Source 'Citizen Relationship Management' Pilot Planned
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> An open source software system allowing councils to manage their 
> relationships with local citizens using SMS text messages, the internet 
> and call centres is to be tested in several European cities next year.
> The 'CARMEN' (Citizens Advanced Relationship ManageMENt) system will 
> automatically assign requests to a member of staff and record all 
> contacts. "The local authority will build up a database of metrics on 
> how and when customers contact the council, which can assist it in 
> providing services in an improved and more appropriate manner," said 
> Susie Ruston of Accenture.
> Ruston is working as CARMEN project manager for Sheffield City Council, 
> one of the four cities which will test CARMEN in the areas of 
> e-democracy; e-health; personal services; the environment; and traffic 
> and mobility. "These services will be integrated into CARMEN and 
> evaluated with a view to replicating them in other cities," Ruston said.
> Other participating areas include Commune di Prato in Italy; the Black 
> Country Consortium in the UK, made up of public, private and voluntary 
> sector partners; and Saarbrucken in Germany.
> CARMEN has been funded by one million euros from 'eTen,' 
> (http://fastlink.headstar.com/eten1), a European programme aiming to 
> encourage use of electronic services.
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