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Fri Jan 6 12:05:31 UTC 2006


i have forwarded your email herewith to the aktivix-discuss list where
some exchanges about the list have taken place - you can send an outline
of the project to that list too. Perhaps that might help to clarify
whatever doubts some ppl may have about the scope of the project as well
as your intentions.


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> From: steffen boehm <steffen -at- essex.ac.uk>

> Hi ya,
> I still think that it would be good to get an activix list. We don't see our
> project as a purely academic one - in fact our project sits at the border of
> activism and academia; so it kind of doesn't make sense to have an
> academically run jiscmail list (which literally took one hour to get). We'd
> like to be on, and hence support, activist/alternative infrastructure....
> What is it that we need to do next?
> We could send an outline of our project so that activix folk can get an idea
> of what we are trying to achieve...
> Cheers,
> steffen

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