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Alan Dawson wrote:
> as req


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interesting to note it was sent on 14 december, same day as email that initiated
this debate was sent to aktivix-discuss.

> re: description of 'the project' ... in the past when i've set up a list e.g.
> with riseup, what has been required is a proposed title and a brief
> paragraph or two setting out what the list is to be used for. so,
> here's a first attempt at a brief description of our desires in relation to
> setting up a list. any questions/comments/suggestions/general reality checks
> are all welcome ;-)

this paragraph, above, is really the crux of what i was looking for: i am not
interested in supporting groups/individuals cos they donate money, i think we
should be doing it for political reasons... i will expand on this another time,
i think/hope.

> List title: alt.media&research
> Proposal:
> This list is intended to serve as a means of sharing and archiving online
> communication between people involved with organising and conducting a
> research and documentation initiative regarding independent/alternative
> media and the production of contemporary resistance politics. This
> project involves people in a range of locations in relation to both formal
> academia and activist politics. Indeed, we do not see these as mutually
> exclusive terrains. The project has some funding from a UK research council
> (ESRC) and seeks to explore ways of directing some of these resources
> to research, documentation and organisational activities which contest a
> current status quo of neoliberalism, corporatisation (of media, education
> and research) and permanent war.
> Since this project is in its infancy, we are currently in a phase of
> formulating and discussing proposals for content and participation from a
> range of people including media activists, students and researchers
> (ourselves included). In part we are seeking to establish this list as a
> means of assisting with the organising and archiving of this process. At the
> outset, the list would be a members-only list used to facilitate
> organisational communications amongst the six people currently involved with
> building the project. This is likely to change as the project unfolds, but
> at this stage we are unable to specify exactly how these changes might
> manifest.
> Some components of 'the project' which currently are under discussion and
> being produced include, but are not limited to:
> 1. the construction of an online open and dynamic wiki resource of
> documentations regarding alternative media as, and in relation
> to, resistance politics (we hope/intend to use mediawiki for this and
> currently are discussing set-up and hosting possibilities with
> plentyfact.org);
> 2. some possible resourcing of alternative media gatherings/events;
> 3. the conducting of in-depth interviews with media activists as a means
> of contributing to a contemporary oral history of internet-based media
> activism;
> 4. the production of reflective/interpretative/theoretical material
> regarding contemporary media activism, particularly in relation to
> organisational issues and state censorship.
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yep - all sounds good. all objections withdrawn :-) it would have been SOOO much
easier if this had been sent a month ago!

ps. i cc'd some of the people who i think are involved, so they know...

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love and solidarity,



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