[AktiviX-discuss] Setting up a server with encrypted partitions and swap

Alan Dawson aland at burngreave.net
Tue Oct 3 08:03:41 UTC 2006


I'm setting up a machine and want it to have encrypted partitions and swap.

It running debian stable -  and I'd prefer to stick with that rather than
compile custom kernels and cryptotools, though if there is a compelling reason
not to I'd certainly listen.

I found this article http://www.shimari.com/dm-crypt-on-raid/  ( which seems
quite recent )and have followed it pretty closely. ( Not exactly as my needs
are not quite the same. )

The server is only a single PIII 1Ghz with 1.5GB RAM - so its not the hottest
thing on the block.

Does anybody have any comments on the choice of algorithms and toold ( DM-Crypt
and twofish ).  I am a complete newb on these things.

"If you make decisions about software -- or anything -- based solely on
short-term cost and benefit, someone with a longer view can easily
manoeuver you into a trap from which it is hard to escape."  

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