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Volodya Volodya at WhenGendarmeSleeps.org
Sun Oct 8 13:16:08 UTC 2006

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Open workgroup and permanent workshop focused on skill sharing, and cooperative software


Some free-software dev-groups tend to be become quite closed to outside contributors over
time. Examples of this can be the Linux dev-group led by Benevolent Dictator Linus
Torvalds, or the Debian developers group which even Richard M. Stallman had difficulty
joining. Nobody should be rejected simply because of inexperience, everybody can find
their place learning, teaching or developing. It is argued that the centralist social
model used in some dev-groups actually impairs the development of the software itself, for
example leading to unnecessary and wasteful forking.


    * #coders chatroom, on irc.indymedia.org.
    * hackLab in UK

Open tasks

    * Finding a more creative and less obvious name for the group.


    * a-connect (in german)
    * freekiwiki, The Freenet Wiki [Source Forge (unfortunately closed until 2007 May 15
due to the University regulations governing final year projects)
    * an interactive, immersive, application for language learning. The application will
train the student to associate pictures with spoken or written phrases. It should be
possible to implement this on Anarchopedia (Mediawiki) by adding customizable (per-page)
javascript support. See also Template:javascript.

http://freedom.libsyn.com/   Voice of Freedom, Radical Podcast
http://freeselfdefence.info/ Self-defence wiki

"None of us are free until all of us are free."
                 ~ Mihail Bakunin

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