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Mon Oct 23 10:22:29 UTC 2006


Thanks gdm for telling us about the wiki to put our names down for 
attendance - yes it would be also useful to have an idea of how many of us 
will be at this aktivix meeting...

 I did submit here (or so I thought!) 
where I have put the logs and the summary for now: 


I thought I had and I was asking for some one who can deal with wiki 
better than me to add them to that page - so thanks in advance :-)


On Mon, 23 Oct 2006, GarconDuMonde wrote:

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> hi,
> there was some discussion recently about having an activix meeting during the
> imc uk network meeting in london on november 4-5.
> if you are interested in coming, please let london imc people know - you need to
> sign up to the wiki at:
> https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/UkNetworkMeeting2006Who
> there is also a page on the aktivix wiki:
> https://en.wiki.aktivix.org/AktiviX:AktiviX_2.5 - although there is nothing
> there yet ;-)  i think that ana was going to post up the log from the irc
> meeting a week or two ago.
> so, please help to make this happen!!! there's quite a lot to talk about wrt
> expansion of aktivix (recently and forthcoming) - tech stuff, finances, who
> comprises aktivix and process issues like decision-making, etc...
> hope to see some of you in london!
> 	--gdm
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