[AktiviX-discuss] [horde] problems with filters - AND CERTIFICATE

scott scott at aktivix.org
Tue Apr 29 22:29:10 UTC 2008


d1d4c wrote:
> hi, this is my last mail in this tread.

sorry to have not replied before, but normally silence signals that
people do not have the answer to your questions. and, personally
speaking, i do not have access to the server, nor do i know very much
about mail.

> If I go to http://burngreave.net/horde I have my filters and other options like
> lang options and others, allright, but if I enter to my mail via
> http://aktivix.org/horde , I still having that problemas I say before.
> Maybe it is something about the certificate of the ahtivix.org...

this is certainly a problem for me, at least when trying to download my
email via imap - i get a message saying that the certificate expired, i
think sometime in february although i can't recall precisely.

> Any way, I will use http://burngreave.net/horde

wise idea!



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