[AktiviX-discuss] Practical Computer Security

max max at seedsforchange.org.uk
Fri Oct 17 11:17:47 UTC 2008

Hi all, 

Seeds for Change have just produced a little guide to computer security - it 
shows three levels of security (Green, Amber and Red) and users just go 
through the list in their chosen level.

The guide is the result of several IT savvy and experienced direct activists 
reaching consensus over what few, high-impact (but relatively low effort) 
actions to include. A key aim was to make sure the list would withstand the 
onslaught of change for at least a few years. 

An obvious omission (due to space considerations) is the explanation of:

a) why you should do these things (eg why, from a security perspective, use 
OpenOffice.org instead of MS-Office?)

b) how to do these things.

The second of these is high maintenance, because the howto's would practically 
need rewriting every time new versions of software came out. Unfortunately we 
don't have the capacity to maintain guides like these, and are currently 
feeling no howtos are better than severely out of date and incomplete ones.

We're open to input on how to address these - if you have ideas, then please 

We're also looking for help with funding to make a coloured, printed version.

The Practical Computer Security Postcard guide is available at: 

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