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Hiya Folks,

some of you probably have seen this website. If any IT whizzkids can
help sort out this problem for them, twould be fab coz some people out
there, don't want this info. to get out for the world to know. pass it on.



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Subject: Website Monitoring Military and CIA Planes through Shannon Attacked

Website Monitoring Military and CIA Planes through Shannon Attacked

Well organised, repeated attempts to shut down
shannonwatch.org<http://shannonwatch.org> continue

11 January 2008

Shannonwatch.org, a website set up in December 2008 to document US
military traffic and rendition flights through Shannon Airport has
become the victim of organised international attacks. The attacks which
started on January 8th are being repeated, and efforts to keep the
website live are currently proving difficult. The website managers are
determined that they will not be silenced however, and will continue in
one form or another to publish information on military and suspect CIA
flights through Shannon.

The attacks on shannonwatch.org<http://shannonwatch.org> indicate that a
concerted effort is under way to stop the dissemination of information
about US activities in Shannon. According to the Internet Service
Provider (ISP) that hosts the website, the ongoing distributed
denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are far more sophisticated and
determined than most such attacks. Efforts to make websites unavailable
are not unusual, but a spokesperson for the ISP said this was "the
second serious one [they have seen] in ten years". The attacks involve
thousands of hits per second, first on the nameserver, then on the
server hosting the website, with uploads of hundreds of megabytes
designed to bring the entire system down.

After the initial attack on Thursday (Jan 8th), the website was
successfully restored. However the attacks were repeated, causing many
of the websites hosted by the ISP to become unavailable.

One can only speculate as to exactly why the site is being attacked, and
by whom. It may be because it provides a count of planes carrying US
troops through Shannon airport on their way to/from an illegal war, or
because it documents the number of US military planes landing at Shannon
and passing through Irish airspace. Or it may be linked to the fact that
the website lists the known CIA-controlled planes that have used Shannon
airport since August, along with details of other rendition planes that
people should watch out for.

Another possible reason for the attack is that the website identified a
recent landing at Shannon that may be connected to the covert
transportation of deadly weapons. Shannonwatch.org highlighted the fact
that a plane registered to Kalitta Air landed in Shannon on Dec 20th and
again on Dec 22nd. Given that this airline company transported
laser-guided bombs for the Israeli bombing of Lebanon in 2006 and that
it brought these through Prestwick without the appropriate clearance
(see http://uk-airport-news.info/prestwick-airport-news-281106.htm), the
presence of its aircraft in Ireland merits further investigation.

Shannonwatch.org is maintained by Cosantoiri Siochana, which is a group
of human rights and anti-war activists based in the mid-West of Ireland.
They are now appealing for assistance towards getting the website up and
running again as quickly as possible. Mirrored hosting and/or an ISP
that can handle large scale malicious attacks may be required; anyone
with suggestions or offers of help is invited to contact
shannonwatch at gmail.com<mailto:shannonwatch at gmail.com>.

For further information, please contact 087 8225087.


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