[AktiviX-discuss] Big Plan

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue May 17 08:55:21 UTC 2011


On Mon 16-May-2011 at 09:51:07PM +0100, Rosetta Stone wrote:
> Some are awake here

Good to hear this! \o/

> >There is one person who has an anti-anti-Israel state position.
> Is that a really big emphasis or a double negative.
> might a view possibly be that BDS lists are like BNP lists for Aktivix

No I don't think so, the people who have blocked *new* BDS lists from
being hosted have not asked the existing BDS list to leave -- if there
was a BNP list people didn't know about they wouldn't be asked to leave
they would have simply been shutdown, I expect.

A couple of issues that still concern me here are:

1. How come, when it was existing practice to allow BDS lists, could the
   creation of new ones be blocked by 2 people when all others in the
   collective were not opposed to new ones being created (at least that
   is how I recall the discussion) -- shoudn't the original policy, of
   hosting lists of this nature, have continued until there was a
   consensus to change the policy. Isn't this an abuse of consensus?

2. Why is the person who proposed the block on BDS lists, and who wrote
   long detailed emails about their position, in private, not prepared to
   have a political discussion about this matter in public -- is this
   policy only defensible in secret? 

All the best


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