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ana ana at aktivix.org
Fri May 20 10:46:03 UTC 2011

Hi again ...

On 17/05/11 21:22, Ian Gregory wrote:

> To the extent that Israel is a democracy the people of Israel
> knowingly elected a government committed to policies which violate
> international law. 

After learning that only a small percentage of the population of the UK
actually vote for the winning party, I'm only entering this point to say
that I'm not buying any of this.

>  the Israeli government is trying to stave off BDS by falsely equating
> it with antisemitism, 

And very effectively so. That is a fact that activist groups have to
deal with as best they can.

> So what about all the Jews around the world that support BDS - are
> they antisemitic? 

That is something being sold very well too, and again something that
activist groups are having to deal with.

> I see it as the duty of any progressive organisation to oppose such
> nonsense (though I accept that it may be difficult to do so in Germany
> for unique historical reasons).

Historical and social and political as well. You make it sound that "it
may be difficult" because of the past, and it is not the case as I tried
to explain.
> Despite the justifications I have seen I am still disturbed by what
> has been revealed and am glad that it is now being discussed outside
> the aktivix core group.

In my view in this issue is that there is some one with strong feelings
and reasons and the aktivix collective has chosen to respect the people
with such feelings, whether we agree with the reasons or not.

We could talk about this face to face; you can even register and attend
the next BarnCamp and meet people who are involved, or curious, in
existing or forming cool tech and media collectives:


the site seems down right now but I'm sure the techs there are working on it


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