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Morning aktivix,

Me and my mate Barry are doing a laptop re-use demo, distributing some
ORG materials, and talking about the links between software freedoms and
green computing type of stuff, at this event.

If any of you want to come and help out on the DFS3 "stall", or even
help me trying to explain to people why singing Jerusalem and waving the
union flag is part of the F*ing problem (see cheesy youtube vid linked
below), that would be cool. Or just say hi.


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Hi All,

Mark and I have taken a stall at the up coming Festival of Thrift, just
outside Darlington, on the last weekend in September. The festival
celebrates all types of recycling and up-cycling so our stall will be
promoting the refurbishing and re-purposing of old computers using FOSS.


We would welcome anybody who could spare the time to help us man the
stall during the weekend, even minding the stall ten minutes so that we
could grab a bite to eat would be great.

The festival is free to enter and has attractions for all ages, so bring
the family and pop by to see us - we are in the Beehive building.


Barry T

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