[AktiviX-discuss] who owns addresses?

bou bou at aktivix.org
Thu Nov 7 15:15:11 UTC 2019


This may be a philosophical discussion.

When a group asks for group email addresses and a person ends up
being the only one checking it to the point most people expect that one
person to answer, does that account belong to the group, or to the person?

Ecosia gave me some pages related to domains and corporate email
systems, that, in summary, I understood, some (US only?) court judgments
sentenced that all emails with addresses @any_given_domain belong to
the person or company who owns that domain.

This seems to rest on the idea that
if your employer provides you with an email address, it is in the
understanding that even after you leave, they have access to records
related to the business activity. Expanding from this, judgments have
also established that an employee has or should have no expectations of
privacy when using a work address.

But then it expands to emails at gmail.com, All emails you send and receive
using a gmail address can then have no expectations of privacy.

How do we want this to affect us when email
addresses are created for groups?


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