[alt-media-res] interviews

zoe zoe at esemplastic.net
Mon May 1 12:16:15 BST 2006

thought I'd take the opprtunity to update you all on the status of my work
relevant to the project
I've interviewed
* elsa duhagon and kat cousins who work with choike at item (ifiwatchnet's
* soren ambrose on ifiwatch steering committee, klara schirova an ifiwatc
regional animator
* saul albert an indymedia collaborator and micro community media operator
with talkaoke, one night granstand etc

next week I'm going to amsterdam for meetings with FOEI about linking up
ifiwatch.tv with a community testimonies media project they have, and will
slot in some interviews with their ifi co-ordinator (who supported and
co-funded ifiwatch.tv initially) and their media co-ordinator who used to
work for IPS and now uses mainstream and independent media all the time on
behalf of foei networks.

will also arrange intervciews with UK based IFIwatch people as soon as the
other interviews are written up and I feel less over employed.

(have accepted invitation to transmissions event in rome 6-11th june. will
book tickets soon as I know various friends travel plans so maybe I can go
out with them. will try and get a few interviews there, maybe record
meetings if they fancy it etc.)

as hinted above I'm a bit behind with transcription; soren is done, elsa
half done, the rest awaiting me to sit down with a computer and a quiet
place and without ants in my pants or lots of e-mails to write and tech
issues to try and get my head around (ahem). how is the situation with
people at essex or elsewhere doing this work?

am due to meet sian for a full day work on ifiwatch and other matters on
22nd may, so would like to get as much transcription done as possible by
then so she can be properly prepared.

so, how you all doing?


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