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> Hey there Transmissioners -
> Well, this coming Monday 6th November 2006 is our latest deadline for
> responses, queries, suggestions etc on the initial proposed Metadata
> Standard for RDF in feed-based exchange of video information between and
> beyond the projects in the Transmission Network.
> I'm writing about this one more time just because it is SO important, SO
> central to the real world potential of this network to get media where
> really wanted and needed....and for it to happen, we need as many as
> possible of our projects' buy in from the start...
> and you've not all had your say as yet!
> In case you think it's not important or not relevant to your project, here
> are some of the (slightly improved) IRC notes from the discussion of 'how
> can work together as a network' session at Re:Transmission meeting in
> last month
> 20:47 this metadata might seem dull, but it will be central to our work
> a long time
> 20:47 rss, cms, codecs etc can all change in coming months and years
> 20:47 but metadata is the one thing we can do well, and do now, and then
> whatever else changes, we have the info that enables people to find the
> material we are sharing both now, and into the future
> 20:48 as long as we have the 'goo' to hold it together, we could be future
> proof whatever else changes
> 20:48 for video sites with lots of resources, metadata standards may not
> so important, because they can endlessly reinvent themselves
> 20:49 but for the rest of us, who cannot endlessly promote, re-organise
> re-promote our content, it always comes down to users' ability to search
> material, which is only possible with good metadata
> 20:49 ok, the important thing seems to be how people use metadata, and
> three aspects to this:
> 20:49 incentives - why it's good to do
> 20:49 regulation - the standards that let machines read the information we
> give them
> 20:49 design - not so much the software as the human user interface that
> makes it a usable system
> So, we all agreed in Rome (and then got rather excited in London) about:
> Number 1. Incentives, which is basically the great  potential we have
> between our projects to get grassroots and critical video where it's
> and needed, and thus *actually* challenge the mainstream and commercial
> media... and maybe even change the world... ;-)
> and now we have come to the next step:
> Number 2. Standards, required for building infrastructure that enables
> machines to search and create feeds of our material automatically.
> only once this is agreed and starting to be put in place, can we move onto
> perfecting:
> Number 3. Design of upload forms etc in a way that is simple yet educates
> and encourages video users to tag their material properly to enable it to
> shared effectively and ethically.
> So, to reiterate, we've got to stage two, and if we can get this right now
> and find a good way to move forward *together*
> the world may yet be our oyster!
> The proposed metadata Standard can be seen here:
> http://shiftspace.cc/jamie/tx_report_0.1.html
> The responses (to metadata at transmission.cc) so far are here:
> As you'll see, these responses are varied and useful and are due a
> substantive response soon from the authors of the report. But there is
> nothing yet from many of the organisations who were represented in Rome,
> eg:
>   a.. Agora TV
>   a.. Asia 247
>   a.. Democracy Now
>   a.. IMC Video
>   a.. Jinbonet
>   a.. Labournet
>   a.. NGVision
>   a.. M2HZ
>   a.. Ourmedia
>   a.. Participatory Culture Foundation
>   a.. R23
>   a.. Revolt Video
>   a.. Moviments
>   a.. Engage Tactical Media
> Maybe this quietude reflects the fact that you are very happy with the
> proposal as it stands, and/or you're convinced that people already more
> closely involved in the process will do the right thing if left them
> them/ourselves? (If so I would note that most of the response so far has
> come from Northern/Western groups.... and that issues around framing the
> inclusion of format, license, subtitle files, and more are still to play
> for...)
> If you are choosing to leave it all up to us, fair enough but please let
> know, if only to put our minds at rest that these plans are reaching you -
> and to encourage those of us putting lots of time and effort into this
> we are barking up the right tree on behalf of the network, and not just
> completely barking!
> Or maybe you are consulting with colleagues and networks, planning your
> responses and getting set to be just in time for the deadline next Monday.
> Either way, many thanks!
> With love,
> Zoe of ifiwatch.tv
> metadata working group co-ordinator
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