[alt-media-res] get together

zoe zoe at esemplastic.net
Mon Nov 27 21:22:35 GMT 2006

hello people
talking to andre last week, we thought it could be good to get us together
for a few days in mid to late january
to see where we got to, what we did, what we want and need to do... etc!
the lacket ?
I think since this is work and cos my family like to be there at weekends
I'd hope this could be a midweek thing,
but if that's not possible for yous, let's see what we can do
when are you all available? if some of us could do more days than others,
that could be good too..
get some reading and work done in peace, have walks, sit by fire etc
am assuming internet will be ok there, will let you know any probs and how
much that'll cost if at all

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