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> Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:59:32 +0100 (IST)
> Subject: Scottish climate camp meeting at Talamh
> From: facilitation at climatecamp.org.uk
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> Hi Alice,
> I've finally managed to write an invite for the Climate Camp meeting in
> Talamh. Could I ask you to forward it to the Glasgow lists again? Thank
> you!!!
> Rhiannon
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear all,
> we'd like to invite you to the Scottish organising gathering for the Camp
> for  Climate Action, which will take place at Talamh Housing Co-op (South 
> Lanarkshire), Sat 8- Sun 9 July.
> The meeting will be a chance for people from Scotland to come together and
>  plan for the climate camp as well as joining in with the overall
> organising  of the camp. We're expecting 60-80 people, from England andd
> Scotland. You  can find more info about what will happen at the meeting at
> the bottom of the  email.
> The Camp for Climate Action will run from 26th August - 4th September and 
> bring together thousands of people who believe that not enough is being
> done  to stop climate chaos.  It is organised by a growing network of
> groups and  individuals from around the country.
> The camp will be a mix of actions, workshops and entertainment on all
> topics  related to climate change and will be organised on the basis of
> neighbourhood   and sustainability, much like the Eco-village at Stirling
> last year. The  location of the camp is Megawatt Valley, home to Drax,
> Eggborough and  Ferrybridge coal power stations, 15 miles east of Leeds.
> Drax is the largest  single emitter of CO2 in the country.
> Thurs 31 August has bee set for a day of creative mass action at Drax
> power  station to protest against an economy based on fossil fuels. Other
> smaller  actions will happen throughout the week.
> If you can't make it to the meeting but would like more information or get
>  involved in organising the camp, please get in touch.
> Everyone is invited to the meeting, please pass this invite on to anyone
> who  might be interested.
> All the best and hope to see you there!
> Rhiannon
> Facilitation Working Group
> Camp for Climate Action
> http://www.climatecamp.org.uk
> "The planet will be toast long before we run out of coal."
> ***********************************************
> Scottish organising meeting, 8-9 July,
> Place: Talamh, South Lanarkshire, just south of Glasgow
> Address: Talamh Housing Co-operative, Birkhill House, Coalburn, South 
> Lanarkshire, ML11 ONJ
> Times: Sat, 10:30am-6pm; Sun, 9:30am-5pm
> More info from: facilitation at climatecamp.org.uk
> The Agenda for the gathering will include:
> *an introduction to the climate camp - the idea behind it, how it's
> organised  and how to get involved.
> *a session about mobilising/outreach in Scotland and getting together a 
> Scottish neighbourhood.
> *an informative workshop on the coal industry, climate change and Drax
> *a discussion about what we want to see coming out of the camp, such as.
> and  starting to plan for it.
> The gathering also offers the chance to offer help or get involved in
> working  groups, who will be meeting at Talamh: site, transport, legal,
> communications, outreach/networking,site safety and wellbeing, action 
> support, workshops and entertainment.
> The exact agenda with times for the sessions will be posted on our website
> on  Friday, 30 June
> Accommodation will be camping and some indoor spaces for those who need
> them.  space is available and free if you contact us in advance. Please
> bring your  own bedding (sleeping bag & mat), and a tent. Please also
> contact us if you  have any access, dietary or crèche needs. Food will be
> provided and will be  about £10 per person, and there will be a travel
> pool so that people who have  to come a long way on public transport can
> afford to come.
> For travel information please see:
> http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/nextmeeting.htm
> *******************************
> More info about the camp:
> Drax is one of three coal power stations in Megawatt Valley, a ten miles 
> stretch near Leeds. On it's own it is the largest single emitter of CO2 in
>  the UK, emitting 20.8million tonnes a year.: more than a quarter of the
> total  CO2 emitted by all Britain's motorists. Coal is the dirtest way to
> make  electricity (apart from nuclear of course), and half of Britain's
> electricity  comes from coal. Dwindling oil and gas supplies means coal
> use is on the  rise. The planet will be toast long before we run out of
> coal.
> Climate change will transform life on Earth without action now. We are 
> currently on course for a 3C degree rise in temperature, which is likely
> to  mean the deaths of 400 million of the world's poorest people, and a
> social  crisis that will engulf us all. And still the insane machine
> rumbles on:  political clichés about sustainable growth, full steam ahead
> for nuclear  power, the new Airbus, civil war in Iraq, the gridlocked
> motorways rumbling  towards oil depletion…
> Check out the website for more info
> http:///www.climatecamp.org.uk

Experienced UK based action medics are travelling to Russia to help provide medical support for the G8 protests in a couple of weeks.

The level of force used by the authorities in Russia is expected to be lethal. Also the fascists are a significant issue having already killed anarchists in St Petersburg in the last year. They have been requested to go by Russian and Ukranian activists as the hospitals in Russia have limited resources and poorly sterilised equipment and there is no real official medical backup.

They desperately need money for supplies. Please see their website for more information :


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