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Wed Dec 10 12:50:19 GMT 2008

renilgh wrote:

> I just wanted to drop a few lines since it's Wednesday and tomorrow the
> second meeting will take place.

looking forward to it. /me will be there.

> To motivate as much people using BLAG to stay or even get involved it
> seems essential to have as much (public) communication as possible.
> The place most people check more or less regularly are the forums. I
> suggest having a thread in the announcements section about some of the
> meetings outcome. For example the link to the Crabgrass group should be
> present so that the people who are interested can read the log, maybe
> get some tasks and other people know that something's going on.

it's worth pointing out that access to crabgrass installation on
we.riseup.net requires signing up for an account. some folks may not
wish to do so. and hence:

> Furthermore we should try to report continously on meetings and
> decisions, not only in order to inform people, but as an act of
> self-reflection. This could either be done through the thread in
> announcements or through a blog.

we need to make a positive decision about which crabgrass material we
make available through public means like the forum, wiki and email
archive. i would suggest that last thursday's log is not controversial
or privacy infringing and perhaps we ought to make a space on the wiki
for meeting notes of this kind. if there's no objection in this space or
#blag, i'll make a new wiki page for it.

> I hope I'll be able to attend tomorrow's meeting, anyway I intend this
> as some non-technical input and am trying to catch up with transforming
> last weeks log into a list of significant tasks (any help appreciated)
> again.

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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