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So this weekend I manage to roll my first iso files.  Using revisor I created what turned on to be a two disc fedora based spin with no selinux.  Unfortunately it's a cumbersome task that you have to do from scratch each time, and it's hard to refine what gets into the spin.  But it's a stepping stone, hopefully I'll be giving pungi a try soon.  

I've been posting to my own blog about all the steps I've been taking, mostly so I can look back and help others as we go forward.  I'm try to do work on as many fronts as possible so I can get an idea of the entire process for when we move forward with 110K.

I'll update if I get anything newsworthy done, or need someone to test something.

-not the official Jason

aim: noldrin

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I put this text on https://wiki.blagblagblag.org/Blog/20081213 :

Following last thursday's meeting's log I made up this as a draft of a

The idea of switching to CentOS due to slower release cicles seemes to
be dismissed or at least has turned out to be something we still can
consider in the far future when there actually i a new CentOS release.
Anyway our demand seems to be *more* bleeding edge and not less.

Furthermore I assume (or put up for discussion) our aim is FC11 / BLAG

Until then 90k1 Should be good enough and be our stable.
It seems to be very advisable to produce updates for 90k1 in order to:
- practice packaging
- learn about repos
- enhance security
- show that BLAG is still alive

r7 has a list of stuff to go in the repo. To reach any target, updates
for 90k1 being a waypoint (maybe a travelling milestone) on the way to
110k, we can put our highest priority objective for the moment into


Our repo? Since we have defined our objective, here come the
essentials we need to get there:

A repo needs a serving operating as work box to develop on.
Precondition to set up such is to know what will be demanded from it.
Jayeola: What can and what can't be done with the kimsufi box? Is it
possible to point yum/apt to it as it has been pointing to jebba's box?

Apart from this information we are in need of a more accessible flow of
information through all the different platforms and may be in need of
some funds for the server. Please everybody raise whatever you can.

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