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jayeola jayeola at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 09:47:11 GMT 2008

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This is a test to see if we can use git as a simple blog. First off Jebba is
alive and well but he ain't activley taking part in BLAG. Who knows why but
there is no point in speculation. Main thing is that he is OK.

+ same as jebba's project (BLAG GNU/Linux), a 100% free operating system that
fits on one cd. rpm-based, stable and usable by most computer literate
people. geeks can always look after themselves.
+ The continuation of Jebba's project, BLAG GNU/Linux
+ Work towards making this as g££ky and simple as possible.

these are options listed in no particular order

{{{do nothing

just use the existing iso images. no updates or security fixez for a while,
perhaps till we sort out how to FSF fedora core. this will allow us to
"catch up" with fedora within a few releases. so by the time a stable "BLAG"
is released it will be a stable, polished distro that jebba would be proud
of or at least is acceptable to the majority of the users.

this will also allow time for those that want to contribute to do so and to
get our shiznit together.

so if we work with fedora's roadmap we aim to be 900% ready by the
time fc12 is out. (one release/six months), ETA two years.

+ what tools do i/we have that we can pull together?
+ git! git! learn to use this thing. it is very usefull
+ build on work from dyne. jamoril has lots of scripts in his git-repo
+ build on work from freeeee. lots to live up to. jebba is ace /+sniff+/
+ ml - join join those 

+ thinkpads; acid, junk, deep.
+ acid. use as main build work station. build and test everything on this one. be prepared to blat everything on this disk
+ zulu. use as main (domestic) repo. only expose small stuff like scripts to public, ISP permitting. more disks for zulu
+ junk. use this thinkpad as an alpha tester. install stuff here. before you blat the disk(s) on acid
+ deep. prolly use as a compiler/ distcc machine. aint got much ram. could even use as an X server? 
+ kimsufi. repo. git, sources, iso images << feedback??
+ we ~could~ use a google code account. introduce redundancy, 
+ could also create a google groups account
+ any other stuff others add here

+ forums
+ something-zilla
+ something-wiki
+ something-blog
+ something-mailing list(s)
+ collate how people WANT to communicate. emails are always better

+ 2/3 hours per week per person.
+ plan everything
+ open everyting
+ document everything
+ fc tend to relase every six months. aim for same (??)

+ fcX. stick with this. will allow BLAG user base to test new output
+ consider script to help people to migrate to fcX? dunno - fc is not 100% free
+ CentOS - not many packages. nothing seen for the eee as yet. but stable. boots on tp x30 ;-)

+ who wants to join in?
+ what can they do?
+ who wants to test?
+ who wants to build?
+ who want to be a millionaire :-/
+ where can they do it? irc, blag meets....??
+ 2/3 hours per week per person. any more on top of that is a +bonus+

{{{skill set
+ rpm building
+ general scripting
+ general linux sys admin
+ reading, (i.e. stealing), other people's code
+ documemtation
+ presentaion - gui artwork
+ propaganda
+ team work

{{{mailing lists
+ keep abreast of what is going on and be prepared to steal it ^_^
+ git
+ fedora
+ dyne
+ linux-kernel

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