[blag-whereto] BLAG Trac #32: Change "documentation" (wiki) link on website

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Sun Apr 12 15:08:31 BST 2009

#32: Change "documentation" (wiki) link on website
  Reporter:  jisis                       |       Owner:  Junichiro 
      Type:  Infrastructure Maintenance  |      Status:  closed    
  Priority:  major                       |   Milestone:  BLAG 90002
 Component:  BLAG Website                |     Version:            
Resolution:  fixed                       |    Keywords:            

Comment(by jisis):

 Replying to [comment:2 renilgh]:
 > Please make sure that this is https://blag.wiki.aktivix.org/ (httpS !!)
 > It works ONLY with https and does not with only http.
 > --renilgh

 it's a self-cert SSL - which means users are going to experience the
 browser telling them not to add an exception?

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