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#18: Add /help/ page to website (BZ980)
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Comment(by jayeola):

 RFC (request for comment):-

 Perhaps this quote from a post in the forums may be best fitting for the
 time [0]. I'd say we use this text for the help page.

 Some of the things that slow down getting BLAG back on track:

 recreating physical infrastructure: having servers and
 bandwidth and very important

 recreating virtual infrastructure: basically recreating the
 scripts that will go out and get the updated packages and
  turn them into BLAG repos without pulling in nonfree is
  a project in itself. Especially since the Fedora world of repos
  has changed a lot since BLAG stopped updating.

 Then it's getting the spinning of BLAG working again.

 To help BLAG, it will be helpful to acquire useful
  skills such as, compiling code, making rpms.
 writing/hacking python, learning fedora build
  tools, serving administration, or just
  general Linux knowledge.


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