[blag-whereto] BLAG 90K, 100K and the resources that are available

noldrin devslashnull at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 03:31:48 GMT 2009

- revision control, 1,2,3 # fuck that, just stick with git!

Just saw Trac today, that was pretty sweet.  They now have a git plug in for it too.

I've told as many people to grab as much as possible from
"kimsufi" as
possible. It's not mirrored as far as I know. What would be /really/
nice is if kimsufi went doen at 02:37 and another server came up soon
after. Even if it was a day later.

So far I've mirrored the i386, SRPMS and source directories.  Got to get more of it, shame on me for not doing so already.  Although I'm not treating them as a sacred mirror and have been hacking away with them in hopes to produce updates to 90K.  I'd estimate I'm 65% there.  I plan on running some updating tests using my 90K machine as a lab rat.


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