[blag-whereto] updated repo beta

noldrin devslashnull at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 18:15:50 GMT 2009

Anyone want to test out the BLAG repo I put together.  At the moment I would suggest non-important machines.






Beta updated repo:

13287 yummy packages

new features:
-many new updates
-migrated to rpmfusion (nonfree codecs now called freeworld)
-removed artistic license 1.0 package (no longer free software, removed in Fedora 10)
-removed Codecbuddy (only use is to feed money to patent trolls)
-removed as much fedora trademark stuff as made sense (maybe I removed too much...)

Known bugs/issues
is fedora compile and directs people to non free software (will upgrade
to Minefield first update when resolved)
-updated Linux Libre doesn't make itself default in grub
-pd-mjlib-0.39.3-1 might be directing people to non free software
-archive not automatically updating
-only ftp offered, probably offer rysnc soon (at least for mirrors)
-no 64 bit
-source repo is messy and doesn't have updated
 repo info

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