[blag-whereto] Blag website.

Jean-Luc Maillot jean-luc.maillot at orange.fr
Fri Jan 23 19:03:44 GMT 2009

I just modified the home page so the link for donwloading blag 90k works 
from: http://www.blagblagblag.org/blag/

These pages are not valid w3c and I don't know how to make them valid 
without too much change for now. I'll put other links (kimsufi, noldrin) 
on the download page later.
The site is a true capharnaum. A lot of things I don't understand. Who 
own it and is-it possible to clean a few the server?
Can we make a few change in the "design"?
Jean-Luc (happy to work for the communauty)

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