[blag-whereto] meet

r7 r7 at aktivix.org
Thu Jun 4 18:15:50 BST 2009

renilgh wrote:

> We need to get some things done. As it seems to me the voting has
> decided to have meetings on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+1.


> r7 will return tomorrow. I'll be also on IRC tomorrow night.

i am indeed back [and in irc].

> For some inspiration I advise (esp. r7) to watch this 1hr interview:
> http://files.howtolivewiki.com/Interview%20with%20Marcin%20of%20Open%20Source%20Ecology%2025May08.mp4

thanks for this. downloaded but not watched as yet.

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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