[blag-whereto] Response to r7

VH weyasey at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 22:32:58 BST 2009

I have to agree with r7 on all the points raised and am also guilty of
some of the failings but on the other hand I have to admit that I'm just
not capable of doing many of the things that I would like to do to get
Blag moving in the right direction.

We need the people who are experienced in the things that the rest of us
novices need to help improve their skill set and so support with
building packages and other development tasks.  As for myself I have
been struggling with building some packages that have been assigned to
me.  Sadly I have been having loads of issues/errors building the latest
versions of the packages, although I built the earlier version and have
edited the original spec files the build errors have defeated me and I
need expert help which isn't available anywhere on Blag irc :(.

As to the server that fsf so kindly donated to us but which we cannot
utilise, seems to me that we need more update as to what problems that
is preventing the server coming online so we can formulate/participate
in finding a way to resolve it.

Many of us Blaggers are having a hard time with personal problems, work
etc and may find it difficult to give as much time as they would like to
contribute to the project.   But no matter how much time anyone can give
to the project it will help to keep Blag alive and I would be heart
broken if that was to happen.

To sum up on what you said r7, yes we don't have anyone to do the things
you have listed but maybe that will change in the not too distant
future.  But the only way that can change is if there is something to
join which means that we who would like to see Blag continue have to
keep a light burning until the change happen.  I myself am try to learn
to do tasks that will be needed help the project and have to admit to
being a slow learner but would do much better with some coaching (we had
that for a short time).

So my last words to all is "don't give up" if we do that then there is
no future for us....then what? Ubuntu?? Windoze?????



"If it hurts it's because you are alive"

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