[blag-whereto] proposal: - mailing list for line noise

john maclean jayeola at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 13:17:47 BST 2009

Simple proposal: A mailing list for developers to dump output from
stdout, debugging info and other line

why: you have a script that produces some output that you'd like to
share with others.

example:  during an installation of F11 i turn off a large number of
services. Once I've got my list down to a minimal i'd run
`/sbin/chkconfig --list | grep "3:on"` . Normally dump that to a
private git repo or post it to my blog.

Others may have a situation where they want to quickly dump output
from a process without having to log into an account, fill out a
form....zzzzz. Just send an email to blag-line-noise, (or what ever
you call it).

John Maclean
07739 171 531

Timezone: GMT

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