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r7 r7 at aktivix.org
Thu Jun 25 14:44:47 BST 2009

john maclean wrote:

> I've set up a box at home for a F11 respin/remix.

this is excellent news.

> In the meantime, F9 is end of life. Is it not better to look at f10 or f11?
> quoting john stanley
>> In this case, since Fedora 11 just came out, that means that the end
>> of life for Fedora 9 will be 2009-07-10.  After this point, no new
>> updates, including security updates, will be available for Fedora 9.

i said this in #blag when this email was sent:

11:31 <@r7> fedora 9 vs fedora 11
11:31  * r7 does here what folks are saying the 9 is eol [not actually
true yet, but the time is measured in weeks]
11:31 <@r7> s/here/hear
11:32 <@r7> but
11:32 <@r7> we have to accept the fact we have never done this rolling a
distro thing before and my opinion is that 90k is 75% [say] done with
what we have from jebba
11:33 <@r7> 110k is 0% done
11:34 <@r7> the easiest way, as i see it is to *learn* how to do it on 90k
11:34 <@r7> and then get into action for 110k
11:35 <@r7> if the rest of the collective thinks that's wrong and wants
to start on 110k so be it
11:35  * r7 just thinks it's the wrong move

i do not think differently from this now.

in fact i think it makes sense to release 90002 as soon as possible
after 10 july, so that it will be essentially complete with no further
updates likely.

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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