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renilgh at riseup.net renilgh at riseup.net
Sun Mar 1 12:13:22 GMT 2009


Yesterday I went back to my hometown to spent the semester break here.
The first evening went quite well and there is already one new box in
the village running GNU/Linux (:

But here's my question:
Since we discussed that a change from GNOME to KDE might be an option
due to the increasing amount of Mono apps in GNOME, I wonder which DE I
should introduce people to.
Especially if someones not very computer-literate it might be a bit
confusing to give them one system (advertising it as superior to
mswin) and replace it a few month later.

I have been a GNOME (well, mereley GTK + Openbox) user since I started
using GNU/Linux and my brief experiments with KDE I used to do in the
beginning resulted in a lots of segfaults.
After reading in the WP articles about both Mono and KDE my initial
suspicion turned out to be reasonable. The licenses of Mono and QT are
quite similiar if not nearly the same
Additionally QT (Trolltech) was recently acquired by Nokia.
So is it reasonable to use any of the two as a standard DE?

I personally would go with Enlightenment and/or Openbox(/LXDE)
depending ond user taste and machine. Both could need some
BLAGification which might actually be a good thing.

Would be great to have some more input on that topic, maybe we can
discuss it in-depth on thursday.


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