[blag-whereto] #blag meeting 05 march 2009 wiki

noldrin devslashnull at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 21:38:21 GMT 2009

aim: noldrin

this is useful info thanks. if we want to set up multiple mirrors [which
i think we're all agreed on], this is essential. even more useful to me
is some indication of bandwidth used [and cost]. noldrin: your bandwidth
info would also be useful.
It's technically 1Mbps Burstable Bandwidth. 

also useful. i'll be upfront, i'm thinking of purchasing a server of my
own and mirroring blag repos is one of the purposes i have in mind. this
[and noldrin's email too] helps my brain processes on the matter.

This server was low spec and was heading to the garbage before it become my server.  I replaced the two 20 gig drives with 2 80 gig drives I no longer needed for my computer.


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