[blag-whereto] adding packages to kimsufi

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Wed Mar 11 10:46:11 GMT 2009

noldrin wrote:

> The question is, which is more valuable to keep, a pristine jebba
> repo, or to make sure my updates stay valid?  Having your repo
> updated will make a lot more sense once we create a mirror list for
> blag so that yum/apt will use different mirrors when users update.

i think the point here is to acknowledge that we're in a state of flux
at the moment. many have put time and effort into keeping things ticking
along nicely. as i've stated in another post on this topic, i think it's
good for us to have kimsufi 'pristine jebba' [like the phrase] at this
point in history. after yesterday's excellent news from alexandre about
the fsf hosting offer, your point about making kumsufi dynamic again
becomes relevant. once fsf-box is online and functioning, kimsufi and
whatever other mirrors are available become *the* place that blag users
apt/yum from.

> If you are able to keep a pristine archive of anything, the important
> part to make a backup of is anything in the repo.blag and that source
> directory for that.  Everything else can really be basically
> recreated (in their updated form) using their originating repo.

it is good to note this.

> I hope tonight to start putting time into the BLAG project once
> again.  I'm trying to catch up on the mail.

\o/ \o/ \o/

r7 [at] aktivix [dot]

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