[blag-whereto] Announce: New mirror for 90K

Homer blag at slated.org
Tue Mar 24 04:35:13 GMT 2009

Mirrored 70GB, 40491 packages, from kimsufi:


Also includes the x86_64 netinstall ISO, and others:


Next steps:

. Sign all packages with http://slated.org/files/GPG-KEY-SLATED.asc
. Merge-in noldrin's repo, removing duplicate packages, and repos made
  redundant by RPM Fusion
. Resync updates from upstream
. Rebuild BLAG packages to match updated dependencies, where necessary.
  This may also require bumping source versions

As it stands, this mirror is an exact copy of kimsufi (/blag/90000 dir
only), but please be aware that it will be undergoing changes that may
make updates temporarily fail due to broken dependencies, until a
complete synchronisation and (possible) rebuild has completed. YUM will
inform you of these problems, which will *only* affect your ability to
update through this mirror, and should have no other consequences.

*** Please provide feedback to the list or through Trac ***

I need to know what breaks and how, so I can target packages for a
rebuild. Without your feedback, I won't necessarily know which of the
BLAG-only packages need to be rebuilt to match updated dependencies

I will give advance warning as and when these changes will take place.


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