[blag-whereto] [linux-libre] kernel-libre- for freed-ora/F-9-testing

Alexandre Oliva lxoliva at fsfla.org
Mon Mar 30 22:43:01 BST 2009

FYI, these binaries for Freed-ora 9 and 10 still don't disable external
firmware loading, because they're still based on the pre-2.6.28-libre1
approach.  I'm yet to backport the new approach to 2.6.27 etc.

I'm getting very close to releasing 2.6.29-libre and 2.6.28-libre2, and
then there are going to be binaries for Freed-ora 11.  You might want to
wait a bit for that.

The reason this announcement didn't make to this list is that the change
to the announce script was made in the old Linux-libre build machine,
offered by Jeff Moe, and I hadn't backed them up to the newer
FSF-offered build machine before Jeff's box was decommissioned.


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