[blag-whereto] GNU Bucks (and follow-up on my last mail)

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Thu Oct 8 11:38:11 BST 2009

renilgh wrote:

has the following been sent? if not, i'll do a bit of an "english as
first language" scoot through it if i may?

if it has, no worries.

> Thanks for the information about GNU Buck, looks like a very useful 
> effort. Although hopefully there wont be that much need to use it. ;)
>  The current issue-tracking tool of choice is TRAC which runs on 
> http://blag.fsf.org/ . If anyone posts some buckreport to our forums
> at http://forums.blagblagblag.org/ or to one of the MLs it will of
> course be noticed and processed (to a TRAC ticket) as well.
> On the more complicated issue of a timeline: At the moment we are
> facing some issues which our koji setup. These should hopefully be
> settled on the next weekend and if we do well and no new obstacles
> arise the basic infrastructure for actually starting to roll the
> distro again could be available within a week. How much work we'll
> actually have in front of us by then we in all honesty can't tell by
> now. We wish we could make more significant statements on that
> particular question, but we simply don't know enough yet.
> Thanks and regards, The BLAG collective

having said this, is the trac being used?

congrats to those still working.

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