[blag-whereto] [Fwd: BLAG maintenance]

Homer blag at slated.org
Wed Sep 16 05:39:53 BST 2009

Verily I say unto thee, that j l spake thusly:
> uh-oh, firefox is on the "blacklist"

The stated reason is "recommends non-free software", but I'd also add
"trademark restrictions":


I've also just added:

. GPL Ghostscript (version shipped by Fedora contain non-modifiable
  components, so this probably affects BLAG too)
. Poppler (ditto)
. Mono (copyright reassignment to Novell for proprietary re-licensing)
. Moonlight (recommends non-free software - Microsoft codecs, and adds
  further restrictions - prohibits free use on immutable systems)

Ghostscript and poppler are fixable (remove proprietary Adobe CMap
files). Mono and Moonlight are a lost cause.

If you do a 'rpm -qa --qf "%{name}: %{license}\n"' on a typical Fedora
system, you might be shocked to discover exactly how much of it is
non-free, and that's before you examine all the blobs hidden in the kernel.

Oh and ... hello List, long time no see :)

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