[blag-whereto] Question on kernels (PAE) and headers

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Tue Jun 1 21:39:47 UTC 2010

> On Mon, 31 May 2010 17:58:04 -0400, Abdur-Rahman Morgan 
> <arm at tearms.org> wrote:
>     Patrick,
>     The regular kernel-libre-headers should be acceptable. As I
>     believe that if your laptop had more than 4GB of RAM and you were
>     running a 32-bit system that did not recognize it, then an libre
>     PAE kernel would be necessary. What are you thoughts on F13? I
>     tried the pre-upgrade and had some issues with the recognizing the
>     kickstart and install.img being found under /var/cache/yum/* which
>     led me to run the install manually via URL. It worked fine, but I
>     prefer the BLAG-Alpha.
>     tearms

I connected the system to a wired connection and it successfully did the 
upgrade. One thing to note is that before the system boots into anaconda 
to do the preupgrade, you do have the ability to access grub and boot 
into F12 if you need to save and back up your files before doing a fresh 
install of F13.
> I tried to preupgrade from BLAG Alpha to Fedora 13 which failed. The 
> preupgrade application determined all needed packages, downloaded them 
> all and complained about too little space in /boot (Fedora 13 installs 
> by default /boot with 500MB, details here: 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PreUpgrade). It could continue but it 
> would require a wired internet connection after reboot. The system 
> rebooted and during installation it crashed with a message telling me 
> it couldn't continue. It left me with a laptop that is lacking an 
> installation.
> So I did a clean install that went flawless.
> After installing, I went through all installed packages and made a 
> list of the things I wanted to remove. This list combined with the 
> anaconda-ks.cfg will result in a personalised kickstart file. One 
> problem I encountered is the problem that nautilus doesn't remember 
> the window settings 
> (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=508112). It can be solved 
> easily, but it is something to put in the documents.
> But in general, F13 looks good and solid. I have replaced the Fedora 
> kernel by the ones Alexandre made and it runs smooth.
> Next I will install F13 on a system that has a NVIDIA card to see how 
> the Nouveau driver will handle it (info on Nouveau here: 
> http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/).
> Regards,
> patrickm
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