[blag-whereto] blab 139k alpha, first commentaries.

Junichirô junichiro at aktivix.org
Sun Jan 9 18:26:16 UTC 2011

I installed 139K alpha. Mys first commentaries:
I think I'm the Guinea pig, so I played it.
-Installation without problem;
-at login and then it is not blag theme by default but fedora one; and after changing to blag fedora theme stay at login;
-language installation without problem;
-seems to be conflict with blag release package and rpmfusion repo;
-when adding linux-libre repo, same conflict.
So for linux-libre repo, just replace F-$releaseserver by F-14 in /etc/yum.repos.d/linux-libre.repo
For rpmfusion, I removed it manually and tried installing it as said for fedora. It didn't work because of same conflict (blag release package: blag-release-139k-3blag.fc14). So I made my own rpmfusion.repo file.
And it works! So I've add the rpmfusion update one.
So you see, there is a few things to do and then build blag own repo.
I think we may include linux-libre kernel in blag repo; but since it'll be on fsf server we'll have to let rpmfusion packages outside.

Junichirô <junichiro at aktivix.org>

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