[blag-whereto] Blag RC1

Koko the koala kokothekoala at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 11:31:09 UTC 2011

Dear Blaggers,

Normally, if everything goes right, I should release the RC1 of BLAG, tomorow (Wednesday 2nd March). You should find there the final list of softwares included, lzma support built in the kernel, and a few minor bugs.

But now we have a RC, It would be time to update the wiki, website and all communication medias, and eventually discuss some final modifications to bring to Blag itself. I would like to talk with people who are interested in this on Thursday evening, which would be easier, according that it's Blag meeting day.

My main questions would be :
- Keep or create a brand new wiki? I would go for the second solution, and keep the actual one as an archive.
- Keep or create a brand new site? I would update the current website, but we will have to be careful.
- Move or not move those two sites to blag.fsf.org? If we don't move, would it be possible to enlarge access to current server?
- If we change something in one or the other site, which would be the new structure?
- Do you have some final suggestions or needs for blag? 
- And, last but not least : /!\ Looking for people with at least 100 GB on their server to host a repository mirror /!\

By the way, could the administrator of the wiki contact me someday? We would need to change the index page which is definitely outdated!


Koko the koala

Koko the koala <kokothekoala at gmail.com>

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