[blag-whereto] running blag from usb key

mark harrismh777 at charter.net
Thu Mar 10 07:02:07 UTC 2011


   Congratulations to the blag community and developers for producing
blag linux. This distro is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  Thanks

   I am trying to run blag from a boot-up usb key, and I am running into
difficulty; I created the usb key with several partitions--- the first
of which is vfat c W95 Fat32 LBA.   I installed the MBR and syslinux on
the device and then moved the blag iso stuff over LiveOS and the
isolinux.bin isolinux.cfg...   renamed to syslinux.bin syslinux.cfg and
tweaked on the cfg file to get the usb to boot... which it does.
vmlinuz0 loads as well initrd0 and I get the ...... READY  the blag
splash comes up ... and then the error that it cannot mount the root

I am having trouble cominng up with the right combination of root= and
rootfstype=  settings   also  boot=   

So, any help would be appreciated.  I am slightly embarrassed because I
have be able to put my gNewSense on a usb key and run there, and I
thought I knew something about the boot process... but apparently, I was
wrong.   :}

Help please...

Kind regards,
M Harris

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