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vladimirpunk at radiomexico.com vladimirpunk at radiomexico.com
Fri Apr 27 17:47:35 UTC 2012

Hello to everyone.
  Sorry, I always talk (well, write) but don't do much in the
development part (in fact, I don't do nothing). But, as in the past
message I mentioned, maybe the best part of blag is the comunity (and
comunity is related to comunication, so at least in that part I can
participate). As I understand the FSF position is that they won't
give their support to distributions that allow privative software, or
that are not clear in their guidelines, as FSF is the least they can
ask to themselves, but the final word about using one distribution or
another is from the user, he is the one that should accept the terms
of use (it would be nice that those terms were clearly mentioned
before you get the software or even the hardware), I think we
shouldn't make a big mess about that, if we start to impose or views
to everyone the world will be even worst than now in the Mac-windows
era (I'm talking in general).

   What's happening? In the last discussion a lot of people take
the boat and say they wanted to navigate with everyone (without
capitan, of course), and I could see various efforts, and even
Veganix and Koko the Koala said there was almost ready the new blag
(it sounds excellent, if it's still on board, I want to cooperate
adding some phrases to the start script in the terminal, the one like
"fortune", but I don't know where is the code or even which is the
name of the program). I guess it would be nice to have already the
blag 170k, but if blag 160k is ready, why don't give it a try. The
development process of fedora is fast, to follow that speed isn't
easy; if blag 160k brings all the basic features and is friendly with
old computers it's good. 
   What do you think?
P.S. If there is something  to do, to help, that don't need too much
knowledge about development, please mention it.   

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 It seems blag 160K repo is no more sync with fedora 16 one.


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