[blag-whereto] Reviving Blag?

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Thu Mar 1 17:12:12 UTC 2012


Sorry I have not been around. I've been busy with non-computer projects as of late. I do have plans to set up a home Linux build environment. Unfortunately I do a poor job working with others, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be for continuing BLAG.

The big difference with Fedora vs CEntOS is Fedora at least puts some effort forward to giving you all the build tools and documentation to recreate their build process. RedHat only gives what they are required by the GPL, and I haven't seen CEntOS add much to that.

My suggestion would be to build BLAG on top of the same version of Fedora that RedHat/CEntOS is built on. That way, after Fedora stops updated that version of Fedora, we may in theory be able to continue updating some core parts through the RedHat/CEntOS upstream. Although their kernel is to be avoided. If we need kernel updates, we'd have to try and replicate the Freedora builds using those updated Linux kernels. 

To me, the big thing that would make a new BLAG worthwhile (besides being 100% Free Software) is to by default take out question innovations from the system. Some things Jebba did was disable selinux and mono by default. I think we should continue on that path (perhaps I'm more extreme in this) I'd also like to see BLAG not use Gnome 3's new interface by default and either use a modified Cinnamon or MATE install, or move to XFCE or LXDE (not to start a UI debate)

-Jason (noldrin) not the original Jason

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> Subject: [blag-whereto] Reviving Blag?
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> Date: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 10:41 AM
> Hi everyone,
> I've been quite busy those past months, and couldn't really
> put myself back in blag, mostly because of the work load it
> represents.
> Honestly, I don't feel like going back through the whole
> release process again, at least not alone. But I think that
> with 4 or 5 well motivated people, we could still achieve
> something : the repo is more or less ready, the rest is just
> about theming and packaging software. So if anyone is
> motivated, make me know.
> Another thing I would like to discuss (in the case enough
> people want to take part in Blag), is the fact that we are
> trying to build Blag on top of Fedora, which has a new
> release every 6 months, a development rythm we obviously
> can't follow. Maybe working with CentOS would help, spending
> more time inspecting the repos, writing doc etc.
> So, if anyone is interested, contact me, and we'll try
> together to keep Blag alive.
> Koko
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