[blag-whereto] to Junichirô & Veganix

tristan pinmaritim at riseup.net
Fri Nov 8 11:46:14 UTC 2013

hi there

just a small message to say i will not be around on the IRC for a few days

1) am going up to the mountains

2) had to reboot the Freed-ora into Fedora19
i have a black screen period between the kernel number and the log in
which was lasting a good 10 seconds..
  as much as a form of power slump..i guess my pc is showing signs of 
power unit or the graphic card..
rebooting into F19 the boot process is much faster..but still a little 
black scren period...
i still had a proprietary Os(SalixMaté)on another HDD & i have a power 
slump with LILO..the fans slow down to a vibrating point..!
i checked in the BIOS=Power & voltages seems fine but i guess its at the 
boot up that resources are the most demanded..it's an old machine 
afterall too ..

Anyway will see all of this later ..mountains first..
so see you soon

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