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tristan <pinmaritim at riseup.net>

You are right!Junichirô!(gnu_ http://www.gnu.org/distros/free-system-distribution-guidelines.en.html)

I understand your doubts Ineiev ;-)
but we must work around some form of solution to Blag.Jeff Moe left years ago !

concerning direct download of Freed-ora20

"Nor should the distribution refer to third-party repositories that are not committed to only including free software; even if they only have free software today, that may not be true ""

that means no direct download of """freed-ora20"(Fedora ables non-free with rpm)...?
i  sujest a mesage>modification>Forum/blagblagblag.org mentioning the use 'of Freed-ora19/20 as well as on the Gnu.org/libre_distributions/list.
Recomendations be made obvious in what it involves>such as>respecting gnu-libre software>

'Am only seeking to convince future user's of Gnu-libre operating systems,and Blag/Freed-ora 20(toaday)to join us & may that bring in more participation...if we have no repo we are not <"Credible"?><does one need a repo for shipping Freed_ora20?>

So if we: >make:available/freed_ora20/to all/ we run  the risk of having user's running a Free-ora with non-free software as they can <Yum install> as they like!The Libre-kernel does not prevent it.

it only prevent's non-free binary on the Kernel/all the rest =bad ugly will yum install!
on Trisquel & gNewSense they have similar issues /ie=enabling user's to install non free-softawre(via the Softawre Manager>Debian & Ubuntu==> command Line )so this is a general issue whuch affects all Gnu-Linux-Libre-distros.
this affects all gnu-libre/distros/..~make it usr respect or not gnu-recommendations.

May it not discourage us.
Blag Forum & Wiki has allways been quite straitforward on all of these points.
Once again all of this is my personal opinion.

tristan <pinmaritim at riseup.net>

tristan <foxtail at gmx.fr>

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