[blag-whereto] Hello BLAG members.

Shintaro Shinozaki taro at gdnewhat.org
Fri Mar 21 17:52:50 UTC 2014


I would like to say hello to BLAG members. My name is Shintaro
Shinozaki who is lead developer of GdNewHat Project. We are currently
maintaining free system distribution and RPM repositories. Project
main web page is at "http://gdnewhat.org". I think that we can
cooperate and help each other. I wish to make your acquaintance. Thank

I am not good English speaker and we have the time difference. So, to
reply email may always delay. Sorry.


Shintaro Shinozaki, Ph.D.
Email: taro#gdnewhat.org (#=@)
Website: http://gdnewhat.org

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