[blag-whereto] blag-users and blag-devel mailing list

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Thu May 15 19:09:33 UTC 2014

Good Day!

New mailing list can be found at lists.blagblagblag.org

I subscribed all users from the blag-whereto lists to the blag-devel
lists. I've created a blag-users list and sent invitations to all
forum users to join. We've had several releases since Jeff Moe
released 90000 and 90001 and while there has not always been
consistency over the past several years, with the release of BLAG
200000, I'd like to set the expectation that we will release with a
roadmap in place that allows execute releases annually. Thus using
lists that represents where we are going and what we are doing is an
important step for allowing veteran and new blaggers to discuss and
support one another on everyday issues that come up and allowing
contributors, developers and others to address OS issues and
improvements to the infrastructure.

Setting up these new mailing list and having them hosted on the blag
domain is a first step in many that provides a consistent experience
that complements the forum.

I'd like to thank Aktivix for hosting the blag-whereto mailing list
since November 2009 and I would like to migrate the archives for the
past 5 years to host on lists.blagblagblag.org

Thank you to those who have participated with one message or dozens of
messages to all the mailing list, forums and on IRC. I hope that you
will continue to be part of conversations we have in the present and
future. It does makes a difference for those who utilize various forms
of communication.

I'll be updating the web page within the next day to reflect the
change as well.

Thank you,

Abdur-Rahman Morgan

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